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Latika Sampson is from the great state of North Carolina. She attended Wayne Community College where she pursued an Applied Science Degree in Medical Assisting.

Latika absolutely loves serving others in any capacity. She is multi-skilled in many areas including medicine as well as beauty. Latika has been in the beauty industry since she was a teenager and has 25 years of experience.

In January 2017 she birthed SASHÈ Unique Fashion Boutique. SASHÈ was established as a home base business providing retail jewelry, clothing, and accessories. The name “Sashay” means to walk and SASHÈ derived from Latika’s passion to build confidence and esteem as she encourages women to walk boldly with confidence and pride.

Latika is devoted to providing her customers with the best possible shopping experience and is dedicated to offering the best quality products at an affordable price.

Latika Sampson is currently the founder and CEO of Hadassah Royal Beauty and Spa, LLC, DBA MEDI-LACE, and is currently enrolled in the Cosmetology Program at Civella Beauty Academy where she plans to finish her Certification in August of 2024.

She is ecstatic about being a part of the growing number of black-owned businesses in North Carolina and is honored to announce Cranial Prosthesis Specialist to the company. MEDI-LACE medical-grade prosthetics will cater to not only women but also to men and children.

Her desire is to serve those suffering from health-related and medically induced hair loss. Her overall vision is to have a wellness beauty industry that will allow every individual to encounter the “Royal Experience” through health and beauty that builds, protects, and encourages, beautification, confidence, and esteem.

As a Cranial Prosthesis Provider, she aims to make you feel beautiful and confident while facing health-related and chemically-related hair loss challenges. Her experience and education fuel her desire to help and inspire others. She is determined to be a part of the change as she encourages others to overcome the many obstacles they may face during their process.

Latika’s greatest quality is her drive and persistence. She is organized, creative, and collaborative. With her awesome leadership skills, she is strategic, patient, reliable, and faithful in all she does. I am more than confident that she is enthusiastic about meeting and serving you.

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